Our 9.5-Foot Snowman

by Corey Buckner in TeamUs Adventures
February 04, 2021

0 HEARTS"Do you wanna build a snowman?" So, we recently had a blizzard in the Chicago-area and Meeks woke up, saw all the snow surrounding our home and said, "I want to build a snowman". Now, we did not set out to build the massive snow-giant that now sits in our backyard. No, it started as an innocent, simple task that quickly grew out of control. What started with Meeks & JoJo rolling an appropriate-sized base for the snowman quickly escelated into a World's Strongest Man Atlas Stone competition once she asked me (Coco) to come and help them roll the snowball. What happened that cause things to so rapidly spiral out of control? Meeks uttered the words, "It's getting too big, you aren't going to be able to move it."

"Toooo biiiiiiig," I thought. Excuse me Mrs. Buckner, you are speaking to Mr. Big Strong U! Watch me roll this ball AND lift it into place! 20 minutes later, three of our kids and I were building a ramp from scrap wood and rolling one 4 foot snowball on top of the other. Seeing our giant come into place; Meeks leaped into action becoming the administrative supervisor she was born to be. She jumped up and started dictating engineering tasks that would shore up the base of our giant and ensure that he neither topple over nor come crashing in on himself. Not to mention, she added her aesthetic touch to make sure that once standing, our giant was neither lopsided nor unattractive.

One ladder and one more giant snowball later; and our snow giant had a head. Having completed his body, we then had to figure out how he should look. This task was all Meeks. After changing her mind about giving him her Burberry scarf, she selected a hat and scarf from her own collection more suitable for him to be adorned in. For his beautiful Tekashi 6ix9ine-style grill; Meeks found plastic Easter eggs, with his eyes and buttons being made from the traditional choice of charcoal briquettes.

The number one question we get about this giant has been, "What did you make his arms out of?" Deciding on how to make the arms was the most difficult part because, remember... we didn't have a plan for this 9.5 foot giant. With a foot of snow on the ground we weren't going to find branches laying about and we didn't want to pull live branches from our trees. The solution? Two pool noodles that I found in the garage with a portion of the orange pool noodle also serving as the nose.

That's it. That is the whole story of our impromptu giant snowman who now stands at attention, watching over our back yard and surprisingly; haunting the thoughts and dreams of our youngest son!

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