10 TV Shows We Watch Together As A Couple

by Corey Buckner in Relationship Advice
October 04, 2019

2 HEARTS10 TV Shows We Watch Together AS A Couple

One of the most intimate ways to spend time together is cuddled up, and following along the episodic journeys of your favorite television shows together. Sharing shows is a great excuse to turn the lights down and hug up to each other in the bed or on a couch, etc. For this reason, people often ask me what shows do Meeks and I watch together so here is a list of the ten shows that we are watching together as a couple right now.

1. Chicago Fire

This is a GREAT show that combines action, romance and compelling storylines. Although, we were not ready for the way the new season started; it caught us WAY off guard.

2. Chicago Med

Does anybody know what the heck happened to Noah Sexton? Seriously; he was my favorite character. Both of us seem to enjoy Aril and Ethan’s storyline. In the absence of Noah, Dr. Charles has become my favorite character.

3. Empire

I HATED this show before getting into a serious relationship with Meeks. She really put me on and we are really looking forward to seeing what REALLY happened to Lucious Lyon at the start of this new season. Also, Meeks says it’s time for Hakeem to finally get a grown-up haircut to go with his grown-up face, lol.

4. Black-ish

LOVE THIS SHOW! What can be said about it except that it is both entertaining and informative. It is very nice to see the different directions they have gone with Zoe and Junior and their post high school lives.

5. Grown-ish

Okay, so I personally didn’t expect to like this show; but I do. We both do. It’s a great, non watered down view of college life.

6. 9-1-1

Angela Bassett… ‘Nuff Said! The acting is a little cheesy at times; but the action is great and the cast of characters is divers and enjoyable.

7. Law and Order SVU

Another show I didn’t watch before being in a relationship with Meeks. Now that amazing theme song can be heard blaring in our bedroom at all times of the night or day.

8. Criminal Minds

This is Meeks’ all day, everyday go to show and as such I’ve gotten hooked on it. Criminal minds has also made me a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler.


We literally JUST got hooked on this show. We both like Shemar Moore so it was only a matter of time. Although… mocking the cheesy theme song has also become one of our favorite past times.

10. SNL

Watching the new episodes on Hulu has become our Sunday routine. Watching old episodes of the show has become our routine for any other day of the week. It’s a classic sketch comedy show that is seeing a big resurgence in talent that we definitely enjoy laughing together with.

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