We Were the Special Guests on STS

by Corey Buckner in TeamUs Adventures
June 15, 2020

0 HEARTSSaturday night we were the special guests on the STS Show with The Quiles. It was an excellent and fun evening discussing love, relationships, marriage, intimacy and more. Not to mention... we participated in #makeOutSeason! Some of the questions we answered were:

1. Is being single an important phase of adulthood before committing to a relationship?

2. Could you be in a long term relationship with someone of different religious or political beliefs than your own?

3. Is being “realistic” of your list of qualities for a spouse the same thing as “settling”?

4. Over the years how does a couple keep it spicy?

5. Is love a feeling or a choice?

It was a wonderful evening, and we encourage you to check out the show at https://www.facebook.com/kelli.quiles.7/videos/10103541041272187/

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